Friday, August 21, 2009

coffee and books

here are my current bests:
favourite coffee: caffe latte at the mediterranean wholesalers on sydney road.

reminds me of the actual coffee i drank when i was actually in italy. strong, not too milky and a delicious taste - not bitter at all. served by a charming italian man who greets you in italian. and under $3 (i think - at least i remember being impressed by the price). plus you can buy rennet-free mozzarella there, and all kinds of fresh pasta.

favourite book: tensy farlow and the home for mislaid children, by jen storer (published by penguin)

this is a magical, adventure-filled, hilarious story about tensy farlow, an abandoned orphan. she's ballsy and smart, optimistic and endearing. kind of like if anne of green gables had a baby with lemony snicket, which was then raised by j.k. rowling. top read for the 8-13 crowd.


  1. Hi Kate,
    Am looking forward to reading all of your reviews, especially now that with your help (along with Jen and Krissa) I have a new found love of Young Adult Fiction.
    Happy blogging,

  2. Yay - welcome to cyberspace Kate! Now I can pick your brain 24 hours a day. By the way I just finished 'Raw Blue' that you recommended to Krissa and loved it. Next up - 'Love Aubrey'.


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