Friday, October 16, 2009

coffee the italian way

i went to mario's on brunswick street not so long ago for an informal (tho i was so nervous!) meeting of sorts. it's a delightful place to go with fancy tablecloths and waiters dressed in black and white. i was disappointed that they didn't have either skinny or soy milk (my stomach doesn't love the heavy dairy you see) so i orderd a long black which came with a charming smile. it was like being back in europe (minus the smile). the coffee was bitter, but i could have been sitting at the counter in paris at la mascotte, so it was sweet too. but it made my head spin and my hands shake.
i can't decide if these are good things or bad things. i'll go back and try it again some time.


  1. Ahh Mario's - must go back for a bolognese ASAP.


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