Sunday, October 4, 2009

spotting aussie books abroad

i travelled a bit last year, just a short ten week trip around the world, you know, just for fun.

because i can't not go into a bookshop wherever i am, i kept my eyes peeled for any familar faces, as it were. i found lots! so here are the ones i photographed. not that it matters, but they are not in the order in which i saw them.

here's barry jonsberg's kiffo and the pitbull and it's not all about you calma...but with their american covers and titles. as they are known there: the crimes and punishments of miss payne and am i right or am i right? this was taken in new york at a big, messy, noisy bookstore on broadway (i think).

at the same bookstore i saw joanne horniman's fabulous mahalia, with a great cover (have to say i didn't love the jonsberg ones...).

at waterstones on high street, kensington in london i saw on the new releases table tim winton's breath and michelle de kretser's the lost dog.

in the children's section of the same waterstones i found my fave aussie teen series, tomorrow when the war began. (on a side note i am v excited about the upcoming movie, even though i have serious doubts about the casting).

this was my favourite! in a little bookstore in mitte, berlin, i found markus zusak's incredible, fabulous, wonderful the messenger...or der joker! unglaublich, fabelhaft, wunderbar!

while on my trip i read jeffrey eugenides middlesex, jane austen's persuasion (which i read probably four or five times after i stupidly went to morocco for two weeks with just this one book), spanking shakespeare by jake wizner, an abundance of katherines by john green...and surely more things as well. probably a murakami, i think i read hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world. i know i read my morocco travel guide and the one for central europe pretty much cover-to-cover on those nights stuck in the hotel in morocco (not so safe for a girl travelling alone at night there).

but there is something great about reading while travelling. you remember the books and the stories within them for strange and different reasons, sometimes. and persuasion was great because i had just been to dorset for my friend's wedding and we'd walked on the cob at lyme regis...i felt very austen there.


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