Thursday, October 29, 2009

too many books!

so it is november new releases and work is fairly manic (exacerbated by me getting distracted and standing over a pile of unreceived, unpriced books and reading). but at home it is just as bad.

<-- this is the pile of books on top of my bookshelf, most of which are still to read. here's a selection: liar, by justine larbalestier. i've started it, it's fantastic, but i keep getting distracted.
the left hand of god, by paul hoffman. our penguin rep is on my back to finish this one. i'm prob just over halfway through it and it is solid adventure/fantasy/religious zealot tale. good.
ember fury, by cathy brett. we're doing this one for my teen bookclub and IT IS ACE. for young teens, with text and illustrations (sometimes together, really clever).
dreaming of amelia, jaclyn moriarty. i just started this yesterday and it's classic jaclyn - up there with finding cassie crazy and the spellbook of listen taylor.
wonderland, joanna nadin - great cover, great blurb. looks great - will report back.

and more and more. hopefully this pile won't topple over anytime soon. or if anyone knows a good place to buy a nice bookshelf? i'm heading down to geelong on monday, so i think it's time for a trip to the mill markets. i'm sure to find something awesome there...maybe a new bookshelf...


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