Wednesday, January 27, 2010

after january

i was very excited today to receive in the shop a copy of nick earls' after january. as you may know, this is one of my favourite books of all time. you can read about it here.

and it has a new cover - a very excellent cover - well done UQP!

so, in after january the main character - alex delaney - mentions that he wrote a short story about the girl he acted in the school play with:
"We did the play, we kissed in the school play and it all lingers in my mind like a relationship...All I have left is the fifteen episodes of our 'relationship', thirteen rehearsals and two performances, and the story I wrote two days later when she was all I could think about."

and now, in this new edition of the book nick has included this short story. i didn't know this, but apparently in 1995 he wrote 'juliet' for a short story anthology for a small publishing company jam roll press. it is the story of the play, of the kisses.

and so i bought the book and even though i have already had my annual read...i think i'll have to read it again. bliss.


  1. I am really looking forward to reading this one ... guess that means I will be seeing you soon to get a copy. YAY

  2. Thanks Kate. It was very good to see your November post while we were getting the new edition ready. It's great when a book goes out into the world with some people already on its side.

  3. aww this looks gorge.

    How exciting that Mr Earls commented on your post! :)


  4. Awesome book. IMHO, Nick Earls' best.


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