Thursday, January 21, 2010

curiouser and curiouser

isabella's garden by glenda millard and rachel cool (walker)
this is a sweet book about the life cycle of a garden, based on the old childrens' rhyme 'the house that jack built'.

"these are the seeds
that sleep in the soil
all dark and deep in isabella's garden"

even though the illustrations are in wonderful colours - the plants and birds etc, we all here at the shop are troubled (and some of us a little frightened) by the weird children in the book:
all white,
all rosy cheeked, and
all with either blue or green eyes.
i don't understand! they all look the same!


  1. folk art? My son really likes it but bloody hell it's hard work saying some of those rhymes in one breath. Still, I would read anything by Ms Millard.

  2. me too, me too. i love her. i think 'the naming of tishkin silk' is pretty much perfection and always makes me cry.

    and folk art! that's just what it is... (little aryan farm labourers)


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