Friday, January 29, 2010

daniel handler is lemony snicket

(and evelyn waugh is a man and miles franklin is a woman)

what a nice morning to get up and then get to know one of the funniest writers of the decade - thank you to the rejectionist for this interview.

i loved the series of unfortunate events A LOT because of their fast-paced and hilariously funny stories. i will have to admit to reading number 13 standing by the bookshelf in a glasgow waterstones, my umbrella dripping a puddle onto the floor because i was too cheap to buy a copy even though i really wanted to know what happened to the baudelaire trio and who the heck was the real VFD.

the composer is dead is another classic snicket - you can read my review here. i particularly love the opening:

'the composer is dead.

"composer" is a word which here means "a person who sits in a room, muttering and humming and figuring out what notes the orchestra is going to play." this is called composing. but last night, the composer was not muttering. he was not humming, he was not moving, or even breathing.

this is called decomposing.'


  1. aww this sounds like such a cute read, Kate! I remember watching that movie with Jim Carrey all those years ago, thinking I should pick up this series but never did. You've reignited that flame!


  2. oh i hope you do, aimee, it's worth it for the chuckles and gaffaws.

  3. Hilarious - I met him once and he was completely nuts!

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