Friday, January 22, 2010

girlfriend fiction

it has been a fairly slow day at work today. i took advantage of the situation and read the latest girlfriend fiction release dear swoosie by kate constable and penni russon.

i have really enjoyed the majority of the girlfriend fiction books (special mention to big sky by melaina faranda, always mackenzie by kate constable and something more by mo johnson) and this one was very fun and touching.

poppy and india do not get along. poppy is skeptical and cynical about india's tarot-reading, fortune-telling skills, while india thinks poppy is too negative and blocked. when the pair are forced to spend a saturday in detention together they come across a bunch of letters "dear swoosie/love swoosie" and they realise their mothers had been best friends at the same high school - until a terrible betrayal tore them apart. the girls decide that they need to put aside their differences to ensure their parents' happiness as well as their own.

this is a fast-paced, funny and engaging book for teen girls (boys might like it too...but mostly girls i'd think!) about friendship and parents and bike riding and luurve. good, easy, summer reading - thumbs up.

minor issue: because i am pedantic, and also a francophile, the fact that "un petite poisson bleu" was written incorrectly bothered me a little. it should be "un petit poisson bleu" because poisson is masculine and the adjective must agree with the noun. a little blue fish!


  1. These books sound just like the kind of light hearted easy read I need ..... you might just see me soon

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