Sunday, January 3, 2010

in absentia

dear friends. i'm giving up the bean for january. gotta cut back on all that caffeine and with the bonsoy recall what's the point, really? ok i know i drink a lot of the skinny milk but this is a good excuse. forgive me my grumpiness, coworkers and housemates. i'm coming down.

here are some of the places i've found the best coffee during 2009:

a minor place, albion st, brunswick: consistently great and strong and served with loveliness

the east brunswick project, lygon st, brunswick: smells awesome in there, quick and awesome

mixed business, queens pde, clifton hill: great coffee plus the best mushroom breakfast = tops

worst coffee wooden spoon goes to: whatever that terrible cafe/cafeteria was called down in launceston on the waterfront. couldn't drink their coffee, couldn't eat their soup. two thumbs down.


hey anonymousauruses - give yourselves a name. a nom de plume, a nom de blog. it's more fun that way.