Sunday, January 17, 2010

on the teetering pile beside my bed

- shades of grey, jasper fforde

i have been waiting for a new jasper fforde for so long. loved the thursday next series, as well as the nursery crime books. this is a new venture and the two or three chapters i've read are brilliant. classic fforde! this new world is one in which people's class status and ranking correspond to what colours they are able to see. the greys are the lower class, they perform the menial tasks and have fewer opportunities in life. the purples are rather special. edward russett is a red, a sort of middling colour and he has just become smitten with a rather fiesty grey.

- the betrayal of bindy mackenzie, jaclyn moriarty

i can't remember if i read this when it came out, but since reading dreaming of amelia i'm making a quick revisit of all moriarty's others.

- the old man and the sea and for whom the bell tolls, ernest hemingway

i found a cheap copy of these classics...while i liked a farewell to arms, i'm not sure if i'm a hemingway fan. this is an experiment to find out.

- the museum of innocence, orhan pamuk

i have had our shop's reading copy of this book, set in turkey in the 1970s, for so long that i must read it soon so everyone else can have a read.

- will grayson, will grayson, john green and david levithan

ye gads! a new john green! a new david levithan! i am too excited to breathe.

and i seriously, literally, don't know which one to open first. err...if i'm honest, i've started them all and it's becoming silly. i'm about halfway through bindy, three chapters into fforde, two into will grayson...maybe alphabetically is the answer?


  1. hi there Kate! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog - I know I know, something tells me I should know of Joanne Horniman - I'm just not well-read enough! (yet)

    I'll add you to my blog reading list - looks like you ahve a lot to say and a fantastically eclectic mix of books - I'll be interested in reading your opinions. Glad to meet you!



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