Wednesday, January 20, 2010

sad to hear that the great bloomsbury whitewash continues

last year i was shocked when i read about justine larbalestier's book liar having a white girl on the american cover when the main character was black (african american). they changed the cover after extensive public outrage.

then today i have read about a new book magic under glass by jaclyn dolamore and it's the same thing: white girl on front, black girl inside. many bloggers have already been vocal about this, the rejectionist (one of my favourite blogs to read) has links to many, including this open letter to bloomsbury.

i don't know if it is really that publishers believe that having black people on their books' covers affects sales. i hope they will change their mindsets asap stat because this racism does not wash with me!

(and there is also a little cynical part of me that wonders if they are banking on the outrage to boost sales on this particular title. i hope not.)


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