Friday, February 26, 2010

mmmmm i like your craft

beautiful future - m. craft

we spent so long in secondhand stores we forgot there was anything new
we wrote our lives-on dog eared pages they're aged and yellowed through
just today in the amazon jungle, a helicopter spotted a tribe
all painted red and shooting arrows at the sun they didn't know about the world outside

but what's that?
i see out on the horizon
a glimmering, shimmering light
it's calling everything onward
is that the beautiful future?

this is something i just cannot stop listening to. i saw martin craft live for my friend's bday recently and fell in love with him. errr...i mean his music. but the thing is, writing the lyrics down here doesn't do them justice, it kinda highlights the pollyanna-emo (is this possible?) tinge to his stuff. but listen to it - his timing and melodies and phrasing are fantastic. so is his beard. and lankiness.

this song is the first one on his new cd arrows at the sun, which also has some other top songs - my faves being mexico and young and in love.

oh! and i've just transcribed from what i heard on the cd, so forgive me if lyrics are slightly wrong. i'm the girl who honestly thought that the travelling wilburys were singing 'and a mi mi aware' (rather than 'handle me with care') for a good ten years.


  1. I love what happens when lyrics are misheard. A friend of my sister once truly believed that in the Macy Gray song 'I Try', she sings the line 'I wear goggles when you are not near'. And I kinda like better that way.

    I haven't heard of Martin Craft, but I'll look out for him.

  2. Hi Kate!

    random I know, but I just finished a book by Joanne Horniman. I remember you did a post on her ages ago, and thought you might like to read about what I thought - I wish I'd read her sooner, basically!

    Anyhoo, here's the link if ya wanna read:

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