Wednesday, February 24, 2010

new places to find coffee and books

i've recently come into contact with a lot of people who read a lot of different books, and we all gather in somewhat sterile rooms to talk about it, and to create our own words and stories. we often talk until lateish in the evening so i need fortification...

i bought coffee yesterday from soul soup cafe on cardigan street. since it was tight arse tuesday it only cost me $2. i almost fell over in shock. the guy who served me was charming and friendly and my coffee was delicious. i have to admit that i wasn't sure it would be when he just slopped the milk into the cup - but there i go, confusing fancy pouring with ...err...good coffee??

anyway, i had made myself the somewhat ridiculous promise not to buy books this year but instead read all those on my shelf that have been left unopened (among these: mrs dalloway by virginia woolf, sons and lovers by d h lawrence, war and peace AND anna karenina by leo tolstoy and countless more) but already i am itching to read everything that has been suggested to me. maybe this year i will have to get over my dislike of libraries. it's really not so bad, i guess, not having the book to own for one's self.


hey anonymousauruses - give yourselves a name. a nom de plume, a nom de blog. it's more fun that way.