Wednesday, February 17, 2010

reading madness!

i'm doing it again - have so many books on the go that i just can't put down:

the returners by gemma malley

i loved the declaration and the resistance and i'm roughly a quarter of the way into this, her third gripping offering. not part of the other series (which will come to its conclusion in september of this year, hopefully in australia at the same time as the UK) it is just as fascinating and i can't wait to see what she is on about. where i am up to is the moment where the shit is about to hit the proverbial fan and i'm going to become privvy to the secret - what is going on with the weird people, why will is having excruciating pain and frightening visions.

sugar sugar by carole wilkinson

the ubiquitous wilkinson (mother of the excellent lili) has written this book about a young australian girl who is travelling to paris to show her designs to a major fashion designer. the blurb tells us that her plans are sent "spinning off-course." perfect! i've read ooh roughly one chapter and already i am gripped and enthralled. unsurprisingly, given that i love travel, i love paris and i love girl-travelling-to-paris-stories and recently i have decided that fashion is pretty damn interesting. something to do with a girl i know who has just designed shoes for dior while living in paris, perhaps (hate her hate her!).

franny and zooey, j d salinger

just in memorium, i decided to read through salinger's stuff that i've missed thus far. in a letter that franny writes to her boyfriend about a page into the book i felt such a strong connection with her - identified with her voice and expression. this has sent me in a spiral of wonderment. franny says:
"it's too bad about not being able to get me in croft house and i don't actually care where i stay as long as it's warm and no bugs and i see you occasionally , i.e. every single minute. i've been going i.e. crazy lately."
doesn't she sound swell?


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