Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10 must read YA books

of all time? ye gads! this is hard. but everyone is doing it and viewpoint magazine has asked for it, so here 'tis:

kate's top ten list of young adult books of all time, chosen because these are either the ones i read and reread as a teenager, or maybe that really affected me the one or two times i read it (i'm talking to you ponyboy!), or that i've come across as an adult and wished it had been around for me as a teen. (in no particular order)
  • after january, nick earls
  • tomorrow, when the war began, john marsden
  • people might hear you, robin klein
  • paper towns, john green
  • the simple gift, steven herrick
  • homecoming, cynthia voight
  • the outsiders, s e hinton
  • the knife of never letting go, patrick ness
  • mahalia, joanne horniman
  • nick and norah's infinite playlist, rachel cohn and david levithan
and some i might have liked to include:
harry potter series, j k rowling (or would this be classified children's, not YA?)
guitar highway rose, bridgid lowry (didn't include this because on re-reading it it jumps out at me as being a leetle contrived)
hatchet, gary paulson (but whenever i mention this book i am met with collective groans of disgust, so i think i am alone in my love of this one)
finding grace, alyssa brugman (just because it is so special and hilarious and sad)

ok. that'll do. except for this picture of the guys from the outsiders. hubba hubba.


  1. oh craps. and the gathering, by isabelle carmody. that's awesome too.

  2. hmmm interesting list!

    i think i would have added lowry, i love her books.

    are you going to submit it to adele?

  3. I haven't read even half of these, so looks like I have so catch up to do!
    Can you please let me know what days you are working at the bookshop cause its not the same when I go in and youre not there. And as lovely as the other girls are I need your help in choosing which books suit me best!

  4. Oh Blimey now I want to do my list...
    I read Outsiders for the first time last year and loved it - and just finished After January which was fantastic.

    By the way have you read SLAM by Nick Hornby?

  5. eliza - mon and thurs arvos and all day saturdays, plus some sundays. come in a visit!

    jenny - yes, i loved slam. it was quirky and kind of different to hornby's "grown up" books. aces.


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