Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2010 shortlist is on my list

well lordy lordy what do you know?!?! the cbca have come through with the goods. so usually i read the shortlist with trepidation and am rarely satisfied, sit back and think well! they are wrong.
but this year! so many books that i loved.

in older readers we've got loving richard feynman, liar, a small free kiss in the dark (as well as stolen, jarvis 24 and the winds of heaven). in younger readers tensy farlow sits among other excellent company. for early childhood (aka picture books for wee ones) there is nick bland's the wrong book (as well as fearless and clancy and millie) and in picture books (aka picture books for everyone) there's the indomitable mr chicken goes to paris as well as the beautiful, spectacularly lovely schumann the shoeman. over in non-fiction for the eve pownall award there are two of my faves: maralinga: the anangu story and lost! a true tale from the bush.

i will be so happy for any of these to win. thank you cbca.


  1. just wanted to (self righteously) point out that all my top 5 ya of the year last year are either shortlisted or notable books. picked it like a nose!


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