Tuesday, March 9, 2010


so being new to the finer points of the interwebs i sometimes head over to the place where they tally up the people who have visited my wee corner of the worldwideweb. i particularly like to see how they got here. the last few people have searched for

1. alphabet city westgarth blog

2. the opposite of coffee

3. surfache gerry bobsien, was it a hit?

and i am scratching my head and laffing a lot because someone got here by googling:

4. travelling with internet boyfriend

hilarity!! i have never travelled with an internet boyfriend, never had an internet boyfriend, never read a book about travelling/having an internet boyfriend. perhaps this is a new niche book market? author-people - get writing!


hey anonymousauruses - give yourselves a name. a nom de plume, a nom de blog. it's more fun that way.