Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my cover or yours?

oh dear. is it the same girl?

so i haven't read the ciara geraghty book, i just saw it at the airport and felt a bit pouty and cross that they would use "sophie" on another book. where do the covers of books come from? obviously the interweb. it must feel nice to know that at least the about a girl cover is one of a kind.

i read a review of it tho and discovered that both books are about single mothers. how freaky is that? and the author of becoming scarlett is irish - and sophie loves the potato famine (err, the subject of it).

this review makes me think that i like sophie's story better. i love my candlelight novel, and am sorry that someone else is wearing its skin.


  1. On reading the review, mine is definitely the superior book! But you saw this other one at an airport! That means it's selling better than mine, doesn't it? This is giving me a bout of authorial hissiness.
    The cover pics come from Getty Images -publishers subscribe, I imagine, and pay when they use one ... I like what allen and unwin did with the image on my book better (but I would, wouldn't I?) Interesting that the other is set in Ireland - we were looking for a girl who looked Irish, as Sophie is meant to have 'a lovely Irish face' according to a man in Secret Scribbled Notebooks. But my partner refers to her as 'that Jewish girl on the cover'.

  2. oh no yours is most certainly the superior! and do we like the books that one can buy at airports? pfffft. chick lit. blurgh.
    give me a beautiful tale packed lovingly with literature and music and love and words and characters that feel like friends. a joanne horniman classic!
    and yes, i think that 'sophie' most definitely looks irish on the cover (and that yours is the better designed cover - go A&U!)

  3. Gabrielle Williams first book had a cover with 2 girls whispering on a couch - went to borders the other day and thought it had been rereleased but it was a different book with EXACTLY the same cover! EXACTLY!!!!
    How bad is that. Wouldn't you discard a stock shot if it had been used already?
    Gab was not impressed when I sent her a photo of the book.

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