Friday, April 23, 2010

good strong coffee at luncheonette

in spite of a noisy, leaky, beeping machine sealing (or something) the new bit of road right next to the cafe, my chouette amie and i had a very nice time at luncheonette yesterday. the staff were lovely and the decor charming.

i liked the teapot sugar bowl and the the coffees were strong, but delicious -not bitter at all. organic coffee beans, AND organic milk. we both had avocado on 7 grain toast and it was very yummy (with spicy hot chili flakes on top) but it was a bit pricey at $7 for just one bit of toast. but i had two coffees and it totally made my day.

visit their website here


  1. Oh boy was the caffeine come-down hard to deal with in the pm though...

  2. I. Love. Coffee. Oh man do I love coffee.
    If it wasn't 11 o'clock, I would probably be drinking some.


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