Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ya community thanksgiving

adele from persnickety snark wrote a post today in which she talked about all the things she is thankful for regarding the interweb young adult blog community. now, i'm still new to the internet, and a bit cynical and quite a lot afraid of my privacy. and hesitant to jump on community bandwagons (which sometimes remind me of cliques at high school). but! i must stop! adele says this is all about positivity. i can do pollyanna:

i love reading reviews. they help me at work and it's fab to see what others thought of books i loved or...err...didn't love.
so i am thankful that there are so many passionate readers out there. that they take the time to write up their reactions to books and book news. i'm often surprised at the quality of the reviews and wide array of genres that are represented.
i'm happy that there are people out there who notice and care about important issues that come up alarmingly often, such as the great bloomsbury whitewash.
it's not exactly an enviable amour, but i love a good, heated blog-comment argument. until the bullying starts.
i like the relative anonymity of blogging and the subsequent freedom.
i don't love feeling like a total wanker when i tell people that i write a blog. but i do love that people visit bean there, read that and write comments. oh lordy, i surely do. i'm embarrassed at how pleased it makes me.

so doing this ya community thanksgiving isn't something i would usually take part in. i do steer clear of those meme things (i had to look this up on an online dictionary to find out what it meant. it made me feel old) because i have this thing where i am fierce at wanting to do everything my own way (oh yes, i am an individual just like everybody else).

but i wanted to do it because i read all the blogs and i comment on some and i thought i'd just let y'all know i love this corner of the web.

and now for your viewing pleasure...a real, honest-to-god photo i took of one of the chickens at my parents' house:

it was obv meant to be a picture of poppy the dog, but the chook just had to get her fairly freaky-looking mug in the shot.


  1. That chicken is freaking me out...it's looking me in the eyes. Omg. Kate, you've freaked me out but at least we've got a bird for our "thanksgiving" tee hee. Thanks for contributing :P

  2. Wow sneaky chicken is sneaky. Great post I am new to your blog but I am willing to be here more often for sneaky chicken. He should have his own meme.

  3. That chicken is great.
    I'm so glad Adele is doing this, and so glad that I found your blog.


    Sorry, that was the first thought that came to my mind. :/ Reading reviews is fun, definitely. It's great how the YA book blogging community (and not just them) stood up during whitewashing issues. One thing I realised: the authors had the guts to write honest stories about important real life issues, and somehow that has translated over into real life. Or vice versa.

  5. Hopefully it didn't peck the lens after you snapped that! Great shot!

  6. Your posts definitely give me the impression that you're very individual, and they're never formulaic. I love that.

    The chicken, though? Terrifying.

  7. Scary chicken! Scary!!

    I'm with you on the memes. I am not a fan. In fact, when I started my blog, I didn't even know there was a book blogging community and some of the posts that I had seemed too similar to existing memes, so I phased them out. :o) We can balk the ordinary together. Uh. Oh. Not that kind of bock. I kid. Gosh, I'm rambling.

    You're a new blog for me, and I hope that you keep up the great work!! Stay you!

  8. I'm a chooky lover so I think that chook is simply sweet - such a questioning look on her face: 'What are you doing there?'

  9. Look at me Look at me! This pic made my day and the kids... and I have to print it out and show it to 'Bob St. Francis Toolbox Jr the Third' and 'icecream' who are trying to get into my kitchen as we speak.

  10. wowsers. this is a lot of comments. THANK YOU.
    adele - you started this, i am indebted to you.
    pam, robby, liyana, coach mt and i heart monster - thank you for visiting me!
    lauren - i love reading your blog, particularly loved the little women time travel tuesday!
    jo - i love chooks too! especially these girls, they follow me around, just wanting to be near you (also, food)
    gerry - top names! i think i saw these guys on yr website.

  11. I'm new to your blog, but I laughed and got scared at the picture of the chicken :o

    I LOVE comments too. I participate in memes (only 2, waiting on wednesday and new crayons), but I honestly have no idea what a meme is. LOL. I should look that up.

    PS Thanks for linking to my letter :)


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