Monday, May 24, 2010

and the spud goes to...

why have they made a different cover for the third spud book (aka spud: learning to fly, by john van de ruit)? my mild, self-diagnosed OCD is not happy.
i love the spud books. LOVE them. i mean even just on the surface they are hysterical: it's basically adrian mole, but set in a almost archaic south african boarding school with the most hilarious caricatures for teachers, an insane group of dormmates (quickly christened the "crazy eight")...and vern. cannot go past 'im. the best 100% bonkers character to come out of a book since...mrs rochester??? but more entertaining.

i love how authentic it is: spud learns a new word, or is introduced to a book by the guv and spells it phonetically until he realises how it's really spelled, what it really means. fab.
but the the new, weird, cover? less fab.
but i'm sure in the inside bit it's awesome.
i'll know soon - this book is already in my possession and aching to be read.
(also can't wait to see what dad and the wombat are up to now)


  1. haha oh you just wait for wombat. i love that lady. beyond the point of bonkers she is.

  2. oh, changing covers is one of my biggest book frustrations! hate it when that happens (like I can no longer buy the Sookie Stackhouse books because they changed the cover and my set won't match :( :( )

  3. and i mean look at these covers! they won't even appeal to the same peeps. these are BOY books (tho girls love them too, quite rightly) but is a boy going to carry around a book with a dude wearing feathery wings?? my brother won't.


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