Saturday, May 15, 2010

i can't get no...

rich and mad, william nicholson

This one sort of felt like it had perhaps been written in the 70s and then hurriedly updated for a modern audience...definitely echoes of Judy Blume here. Sure, it’s to-the-point, engaging and the characters feel pretty real. It’s also kind of odd in its approach. It is about love (the all-encompassing crazy kind) but there are also some pretty horrible friendships and one cringe worthy cautionary tale that made me want to punch the book in the neck.

Richard (that’s the “rich” bit of the title) is a kind of geeky young man who wants to know about love. Maddy (she’s the “mad” bit) is a sweet young lady who also wants to fall in love (crazy love). Unfortunately he is mooning over Maddy’s particularly unlikable friend Grace (ok she is a total bitch) and Maddy has decided to crush hard on Joe Finnigan (who has a girlfriend already). There's also doormat (but funny) Cath.

It was the sex scene that got to me though. After all the brouhaha earlier this year about NO SEX IN BOOKS! and JUDY BLUME'S FOREVER, FOREVER! here's an awkward, step-by-step sex scene, explicit, not sexy and highly uncomfortable. And it's the last scene in the book.
you know what made me gag most?
"[him:]'I'll get better. I'll make it wonderful for you.'
'[her:]It is wonderful for me.' ... Part of it was the pleasure she got from seeing [him] so overwhelmed, and knowing that it was her doing, her body, her gift."
Bullshit. Come on writers. If you're going to show sex in such instructional ways, at least don't make it such a bad lesson for girls. god, even Bella tried to get more out of her sex life with Edward. (though of course he wouldn't let her).
Let girls get theirs, ok?
You know who got hers? Read chapter fourteen of The Dead of the Night by John Marsden. One of the better sex scenes...


  1. hilarious!
    i do like the title however

  2. Ewww. There's some kind of yearly award in the UK for the worst sex scene in a book, and that sounds like it could be a contender. Cringey.

    Oh, and for some reason I absolutely love that you said you wanted to punch the book in the neck.

  3. There's nothing like a good ol' didactic love scene, right?



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