Wednesday, May 19, 2010

secondhand delight

secondhand books! i do love them! sometimes i just forget when i have such ready access to shiny and new books. but when it comes to the classics, i can't go past a yellow-paged delight.

i bought these at the barwon booksellers in queenscliff while i was down visiting my mama bear and my dadda and farewelling les frogs who are heading (via new zealand and la nouvelle caledonie) back to frogland. bon voyage!!

carson mccullers' clock without hands
gertrude stein's three lives
jean-paul sartre's the reprieve

and les frogs gave me jack kerouac's sur la route - which i have read in english but it could be an interesting read in french too.

they are just so purty. and they smell good. i can't wait to read them.


  1. Barwon Booksellers is one of my favourite places - I often disappear for hours at a time until the family comes looking for me.

  2. Three Lives was what got me into Gertrude Stein. My own is an ex copy from the Brooklyn Public Library (published by Knopf in the US and very adorable) & had to be taped together soon after buying from a shop called Archives in Brisbane. It gets a walk-onpart in my next novel.
    And A French copy of Road! Much worth having.


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