Monday, June 14, 2010

je vais en vacances

ok so i am only going away for four days (practically five) and i will never get through this many books i am still (as long as they fit in my carry-on) going to take them.

  • parisians: an adventure history of paris by graham robb (picador)
  • the elegance of the hedgehog by murial barbery (gallic)
  • meanjin quarterly vol 69 edited by sophie cunningham (mup)
  • this is shyness by leanne hall (text)
however i fear that, as a hardback, the parisians may have to remain behind.

now (well, tomorrow) off to chilly leura. vive les vacances!!!!!


  1. This Is Shyness. I need to look that up.

  2. it's by a local melbourne author who works at a fab bookshop, look her up for a musical interview she did with david levithan! hi-larious. i'll let you know how the book goes.

  3. Je vais en vacances aussi! To Paris! I am beside myself with excitement. And oh dearie me to choose which books to take is always a dilemma. So thanks for the tips. So far I have Jaspar Jones (still unread) and a book of short stories by Marie Darrieussecq (sp?) in French! I am in a French book group and I am the worst reader but I can just get my head around a short story and I figured 'When in Rome...' (we're heading to Rome, too.) Four weeks of European summer! Yay!

  4. sally - jealous jealous jealous. have a croissant pour moi!


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