Tuesday, June 22, 2010

just quickly...

i read the elegance of the hedgehog while away on my holiday. it was just divine. i am in love with this book and cannot wait for the film to come out in july. it was intelligent, funny, moving, and tres francais. perhaps this is why i loved it so, and i certainly will be reading it in french as soon as i get get my hands on it. i loved that barbery could talk philosophy without sounding at all pretentious. renee was an incredibly engaging character and i never got bored with the story in the slightest. it was darling. you must all read it. go now.

as i lay in front of the fire i also indulged in a comfort reread of the delightful goodnight mister tom by michelle magorian. this quiet little read never fails to have me in tears, but also to warm my heart's wee cockles. i love it, quite simply.

but i didn't read any of those other books i'd planned to. not yet at least.


  1. I loved the hedgehog too, but thought it didn't really need quite so much of the philosophy. I wanted more of Renee.

  2. I too loved hedgehog, but while overwhelmed by the ending, also found myself chuckling at how very French it all was!!


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