Tuesday, July 13, 2010

cultivating a green thumb: july

oh dear.i had such high hopes for the garden. but as you can see, aside from a very healthy compost bin (it has munched up all our green waste and a couple of newspapers and down the bottom are thousands of up-t0-date and well-fed worms and lots of nutritious black compost) all i'm cultivating is a place for rats and rubbish. so now it is my project to create a functional garden that will hopefully yield useful plants to eat and look at.
i'll delight you all with updates every so often to ensure i stay on track.


  1. The garden looks alright to me!

    But then again I count good gardening as pushing some leaves to the side with my feet... lol

  2. bahaha. well let's just wait and see! i had a dream last night that the gardeners finally came and pruned back that massive tree/bush threatening to envelop the compost dalek.

  3. The compost is a good idea, and it sounds healthy if there's worms. It looks a bit shady to me (in a non-metaphorical sense) but lots of compost and more sunlight should set your garden up ... maybe you do need to prune that bush - see!: dreams can tell you things.


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