Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a minor place

ah a minor place. my local and my best. the coffee is knock-your-socks-off strong. the food is delish. the staff are lovely (yes, even surly waitress) and i couldn't ask for a better local cafe. this day we had the mumbler - with avocado instead of tomato - and the new york style bagel. it's on albion street, brunswick. a minor place has a website here.


  1. Looks just my style. I can taste that coffee. The avocado didn't look too shabby either..:)

  2. looks awesome :)

    and love the crates. so very cool.

  3. And is it named after the song by Bonny 'Prince' Billy? Ask 'em, kate, if you don't know

  4. That food looks amazing. Very cool atmosphere too.

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