Wednesday, July 7, 2010

new brunswick cafe: pope joan

this morning the evil sister and i had brunch at the 6-day old cafe pope joan.

it is officially a hipster-free place. however, this made me quite uncomfortable. and i felt pretty uncool. the staff were VERY chirpy and happy and eager to fill our water glasses and take our order. it was so...bizarre. i am used to having to catch my coffee as it's flung onto the table by Surly Waitress at a minor place and being snubbed by all the rude wait-staff at any place in northcote. but - it has only been a week. they'll come around to bitterness.

the coffee was quite delicious. not as strong as you might get at a minor place, but very very nice nonetheless.
i was disappointed to find that the fried haloumi/rocket pesto/dukkah dish (which they had advertised on the postcards delivered to the evil sister's house last week) wasn't available on the menu - but my order of toasted banana bread with rhubarb was very delicious. err, tho it did turn out to be rhubarb cream but it was quite light and it was a-ok in the end.

evil sister had a bacon and egg sarnie which she says was very yummy. she opted out of having HP sauce on it though.

although the chef (the kitchen is in the open) initially shouted NO! when i enquired whether the haloumi dish would make an appearance at all, he was then very funny and grumpy and nice and said there'd be something delicious with haloumi and beetroot coming up. so i'll have to go back...

77-70 nicholson st brunswick east <--but this site didn't work when i tried today.


  1. om nom nom, I love your food/coffee reviews! Though I always manage to read them when I'm really hungry and start drooling over the keyboard ... I wish I was joking

  2. i just realised that i used the word "delicious" far too many times. oh well!
    careful with the drooling not to clog up the keys.


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