Monday, August 30, 2010

coffee : cornershop cafe

the cornershop cafe in yarraville does the best coffee in the wild west. well, at least in yarraville. occasionally i'll get a coffee that's been slightly over-extracted, but thankfully it doesn't happen all that often!

their menu is delicious and there are lots of options for vegetarians, which is nice. if you go for lunch or dinner i really recommend the zucchini fritters and my friends tell me the meatballs are wonderful. for breakfast i often get the fruit toast, and sometimes what i call the "fancy scrambled eggs" - the eggs with cavolo nero and herbs.

the atmosphere is bustling but organised - sometimes on the weekend you do have to wait a loooong time because every single person in yarraville is trying to eat there - and it's particularly nice in the evenings when they dim the lights and there are candles on the tables.

this review is great. plus you get to see all the beautiful people who work there. and even one of my colleagues (i shan't say which one she is, in case she's shy)

just a wee disclaimer - this place is next door to my work. therefore, i go there all the time and feel like i own the place.


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