Sunday, August 8, 2010

coffee : elk horn road house cafe

the elk horn road house cafe is on wallington road in wallington (brief intro to wallington: on the way between geelong and ocean grove; home of the strawberry fair - which used to be totally so much radder than it is now, if it still even exists; one of the places i grew up)

but elk horn...

coffee was nice. a bit weak and milky, but then i like strong coffee and next time i will just ask for a strong one. simple. the taste was very nice. brunch was great too - all local produce and homemade chutneys and jams (and when i say homemade, i mean the people serving us actually made it).

however, it is still very strange, surprising and quite nice to have somewhere in wallington to go for a good coffee!

elk horn has a website here.


  1. I have always wondered what this place was like .... Think I might just have to stop next time, I love a homemade jam!

  2. I read these coffee posts with a certain degree of wistful fascination, since the cafes are on the other side of the world for me. Love 'em.


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