Wednesday, August 4, 2010

hard-boiled inception

been to see inception tonight. i really liked it. very fun, suspenseful and enjoyable. i loved the paris scenes, i really liked the special effects (and i am not a special effects fan in general) and i especially loved the collective response at the end by the entire cinema. won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it yet...but those who have probably experienced the same thing.

i will certainly be v soon re-reading haruki murakami's hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world. surely the inspiration for the film?! i love murakami (and this one, along with a wild sheep chase, is my favourite) and maybe the popularity of this movie will introduce even more people to him. i don't know, though, how many people are noting the similarity. a quick google search suggests some are.

i bought my copy of hard-boiled wonderland at shakespeare and company in paris. i do like this shop even though it's flooded with hipsters and poseur-tramps and i wish i had been around when ginsberg was there, or anaïs nin...or even back before that in its real and original version with sylvia beach when she published joyce's ulysses and movable feasts were attended by fitzgerald and gertrude stein and, of course, hemingway (and ezra pound, whose poems i like, though he was a fascist).

i am sure to have very strange dreams tonight.


  1. aha! LOTS of people are googling inception/murakami! excellent.


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