Monday, September 6, 2010

coffee : irrewarra sourdough shop and cafe

the irrewarra sourdough shop and cafe is on james street in the heart of geelong. mama bear and i were perusing the secondhand bookshop just down the street (barwon booksellers) so popped in for lunch. my skinny latte was ok - bit milky (but i feel this so often at so many different places that i wonder if it's just me) and way too hot. my vege pide was delish though, with beetroot and some goats cheese too. service, however, was quite ridiculously slow. it took ages to be served initially, then after our food we waited for someone to clear the plates and take our coffee order. and waited. i turned around in my chair and smiled at the two staff, who were behind the counter chatting and wiping benches and things. nothing. a third guy wandered through the tables, ignored us completely and walked away. by this time the cafe was mostly empty. in the end i had to stand up and wave. i felt rude. even then he didn't even take the dirty plates away. i apologise, cafe, for plonking them on another table. luckily we were having a lazy day and didn't have to be anywhere. so we just laughed at how ridiculous it was. but...ridiculous it was.

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