Sunday, September 26, 2010

synchronised sinking

it's a beautiful day today - t-shirt weather in fact - and i'm listening to the lucksmiths. this song made me think about mimi and the blue slave (recent read) for the nautical theme and also inspired a scene (yes! finally! inspiration!) in the story i'm writing. and by golly do i love the luckies, so any chance to share them.

Synchronised Sinking, The Lucksmiths

You don't need to ask me twice
I'm not averse to giving advice
On a barstool basis
Four o'clock sounds fine to me
I'll meet you at the library
There's privacy in public places
Oh, but, reader, heal thyself
Put the book back on the shelf

Something's obviously wrong
Your face is all day long
It was lovely when you laughed
Come on – please get it off your chest
It's a commonplace but I'd suggest
A problem shared is a problem halved
Kick a stone across the road
Explain or you'll explode

Here we are
Silhouetted in the smoke
From the shipwrecks at the bar
Of the Anchor and Hope
And I haven't seen you smile in quite a while

Why don't you let go of your boy and see
You've lost none of your buoyancy?
So sobersided
Overboard and undecided
Have you come to the conclusion
That you've come to the conclusion?
Have you come to the conclusion
That you've come to the conclusion?

You're unsure
But at least you're thinking
This looks more and more
Like synchronised sinking
And I haven't seen you smile in quite a while
And I haven't seen you anywhere in ages
Knowing how you must be hating this
Going down with the relationship

so if you've never heard this one before, imagine with your ears a quick - almost ferocious - beat, jangly guitar and a melodica. from the album why that doesn't surprise me, available at Polyester Records (and from lots and lots and lots of other places too). this is one of my favourite albums. mama bear sent it to me while i was living in (now what does georgia nicholson call it?) och aye land and it was a lovely slice of home with summery beats and really aussie accents and references to the great dividing range, trams, the rooftops of north carlton and the excellent lyric "i love a sunburnt elbow pointing to the sea" from the year of driving langourously.


  1. glad to hear about inspiration - always a good feeling - and these lyrics are beautiful - poetic in such a spare, muscular way, managing to be heartbreaking without getting at all sentimental

  2. Yay for the luckies! I'm glad you found inspiration for your scene. Funny how certain songs can do that, isn't it?

    Thank you for the sweet comments at my blog. :)

  3. I love the way music can inspire writing. It's probably the one thing that inspires me most. I haven't heard of The Lucksmiths before but I like music with an Aussie accent, so I'll 'em look up.

  4. fiona - i agree, and that is why i love the lucksmiths. beautiful, muscular poetry coming from these weedy, hilarious boys.

    dawn - i'm glad i found your blog! thank you for popping over here. x

    lauren - let me know if you have any trouble finding the luckies (am sure you won't) also check out 'the guild league' which is tali's (main singer of lucksmiths) other project.

    i love, as a writing exercise, to pop on one song (possibly on repeat) and try to write a page or so of whatever comes into my head. it's fun.

  5. I made my way here from What she said, and was stoked to see the Lucksmiths references in amongst the literary chat :) I remember unwrapping Warmer Corners years ago and bringing a little touch of Candle and home to my English flat. Glad to hear that a year on they're still inspiring :)

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