Saturday, September 25, 2010

"while man has pores, mold has spores. it is one way to tell us apart"

Funny English Errors and Insights: Three-hundred-and-one humorous uses & misuses of written English, compiled by Troy Simpson (National Library of Australia)

this book is far too hilarious to have at work. i have been in hysterics and not doing any dusting.

the book is set out like an old-fashioned reader, with great black-and-white photos must all go out and buy it, but i'm sure it's ok if i give you a couple of samples.

"a metaphor is a thing you shout through"

law and government:
"the executor of a will kills the persons who are named therein"

"nets: holes tied together with string"

"a sob is when a feller don't mean to cry and it bursts out all by itself"


  1. Thanks Kate

    Where can you buy this book?

  2. probably any bookshop. it's new this month. in melbourne i would recommend the sun bookshop in yarraville, fairfield books in fairfield or readings in carlton.

  3. Ha! What a great Christmas present! jx

  4. Hi Kate

    It's Troy Simpson here, the person who compiled "Funny English Errors and Insights".

    I'm glad you liked the book :)

    If you liked the book, I'd be grateful if you could please consider "Liking" the book at Here's the relevant link:

    Just press "Like".

    Anyway, thanks again for such a nice review.

    All the best,


  5. i did really like your book - however, i do not like borders.

    i would recommend everyone to buy your book from an independent bookstore - huzzah!

  6. Fair enough.

    There are some independent bookstores listed here that stock the book:

    And if you know of any other bookstores that stock the book, please let me know, for your chance to win this competition:



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