Sunday, October 10, 2010

not a holiday?

yes, a holiday!

i'm off to the blue mountains! here's what i'm taking with me:

  • keep the aspidistra flying, george orwell (penguin)
  • the old man and the sea, ernest hemingway (this is an arrow books edition, bought on the cheap at one of those horrible book grocer places, for $3)
  • scout, nicole plüss (penguin)

also taking along my notes for my "navel" (also known as what i'm supposed to be writing for a subject called novel 1).


  1. I hope you have the bestest time ever!

  2. Oh that's wonderful Kate! Have a gorgeous time and don't gaze too hard at your 'navel'! jxx

  3. Last time I was in Katoomba, there was good coffee at The Elephant Bean in the main street.

  4. enjoy the blue mountains, i love a good weekend away!

  5. lovely holiday has come to an end. i wish i had "bean" to that cafe, fiona! i frequented the stockmarket cafe in leura (lovely folk, but ouchingly overpriced) and hominy bakery in katoomba (delish) but now i am stuck at sydney airport with only orwell for company and a flight delayed four hours...sob.

  6. oh, some serious literature for vacation time :)


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