Tuesday, October 19, 2010

oh so clever

saw this recently on flinders lane, melbourne.


  1. Yup, I try to be, ha ha. Great find..:)

  2. You'd be too Jung for this Kate, but my favourite ad, about 30 years ago was 'I used to think Fucking was a town in China until I discovered Smirnoff."

    (actually, I think that was a parody of the Smirnoff ads, which were always very coyly suggestive of sex)

  3. Ha! I was in flinders lane the other morning at 3am (don't ask, i was befuddled i can tell you). i did not see that sign. I did see the cops and some boys buying pizza and some tired cleaners and some hardy women opening their cafe! jx

  4. l'aussie - great to hear.

    jo - frack that's hilarious.

    jen - v impressed at yr 3am adventure. i took this pic a while ago, so maybe its gone. did you see kerry greenwood's corinna chapman opening her bakery?


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