Monday, October 18, 2010

three recent young adult releases...

i am terrible for starting multiple books at once...and sometimes not finishing them. i will try to finish them, but i cannot say for sure. right now i am reading:

life, after - sarah darer littman (scholastic)

so far (48 pages in) i've met daniela and her family. a middle class jewish family from buenos aires, their lives have been made difficult as a result of the crisis in their country - a new government in argentina, the economy is in terrible shape and there are terror attacks and bombings. family upon family are fleeing the country, including dani's best friend (whose family have gone to israel) and her boyfriend (whose family are going to miami). we know from the blurb that dani's family will also emigrate to america. dani reminds me a little of sally j freedman (from the judy blume book) and it's quite brilliant. it's due for release in december.

beautiful darkness - kami garcia & margaret stohl (razor bill)

so i wasn't the biggest fan of beautiful creatures (see my review), but we have a reading copy of the sequel and i thought i'd have a bash. i did enjoy the deep south setting in the last book. i'm four pages in. and already cringing at sentences like this: "because the second i fell in love with a caster girl, no one i loved was safe. lena thought she was the only one cursed, but she was wrong. it was our curse now." let me know why i should continue!

six - karen tayleur (black dog books)

it's full of foreboding and narrated in the past tense and we already know what is going to happen, just not how. i'm only up to page 15. so far it feels a wee bit heavy-handed, but i have read many good reviews so i plan to keep going.

what is everyone else reading? anything amazing?


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  2. I am reading Guardian of the Dead by Karen Healey (finally!) and loving it. I am also re-reading Snail by Eric Dando - will some one please reissue this beautiful book? And Cursed by Birth, by and about Bill Burroughs Jnr, the son of William Burroughs and it's raucous and tender and effed up. Good times. :)

  3. howdy simmone!

    eric dando? did he also write "oink oink oink"?

    i rawther liked guardian of the dead - and it's up for the inky, too!

    i want to read any book described as "raucous and tender and effed up"! how fabulous. shall search this one out.


  4. I'm intrigued by your Sally J Freedman comparison re: the protag of Life, After. I'll have a look into that one, if only for that.

    Also, I just read a great review of Beautiful Darkness over at The Mountains of Instead, and it's got me really excited to read it. However, I liked the first one. (I thought the atmosphere was incredible, and I liked the characters. In all honesty though, it was too long for my liking.) I'll be interested to hear if this one picks up for you or not.

    Right now I'm reading Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly. And it *is* pretty amazing. It's layered and fascinating and the mc's voice is just spot on.


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