Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a year in provence...or was that the dordogne?

we've stocked the covetable cards for a while now at the shop and i love them. kinda cheesy, but great. and i'm just so impressed by how beautifully designed the book is. go into a shop, i dare you, and have a little touchy-feely look. it's cloth-bound, for the love of lavender! and think about christmas, birthdays, other holidays: mums, aunties, francophiles...they'll love it.

have to admit, i haven't looked at the poems yet. they could be tosh. but they're probably good. and you could just look at the pictures at any rate. france! flowers! markets! bicycles up against stone walls? oh dear, i fear i am falling into the elizabeth gilbert trap!!!

visit the covetables website here.


  1. I love snippets and trinkets.. and truffles (so long as they're chocolate and not fungus). Doesn't everyone? x

  2. La Snazee
    I've seen this treasure of a book in several bookshops I've been browsing in. It's a great gift idea for the special people in your life and just the book to have by your bedside to dip into before la snooze. HannahN

  3. Wow
    Qu'est-ce qu'un livre snazzy
    Je cherchais un cadeau spécial pour une petite amie et il était là. Parfait! Maintenant, pour trouver du papier pour l'enrouler en

  4. hooray. so glad people have enjoyed this.

    and it's self-published, too!

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