Monday, November 29, 2010

children make terrible pets

children make terrible pets, peter brown (little, brown)

i loved peter brown's 2009 the curious garden (inspired by the new york highline, a disused railway now a community garden) and this newie children make terrible pets is just as charming. lucy the bear is just lalala-ing through the forest, practicing her twirls when she comes across a little boy. instantly enamoured, she sweeps him up and takes him home. 'squeaker' she calls him, for he makes a funny squeaking noise. lucy's mum does not think children make good pets at all, but lucy is determined to keep squeaker. there are gorgeous double page illustrations, kind of retro and sepia-toned, and full of energy. lovelovelove.


  1. This sounds particularly awesome! i love the retro vibe to the artwork.

    I'm off to track it down - my kids (& me!) would love this.

  2. oh do, do check it out. tis gorgey.

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