Wednesday, November 24, 2010

coffee : geelong train station

coming home after a visit to mama and papa bear (very environmentally friendly on the train) i bought a skinny latte from the wee cafe at the station (very environmentally unfriendly because i forgot my keep cup) and it was pretty gross (not bitter, just not very tasty coffee, made with a dirty filter or something maybe?), but once i added a sugar to it and put a lid on it so i could pretend i got it from, say, the east brunswick project or a minor place - it wasn't the worst thing i've drunk. it resembled coffee and prevented a caffeine withdrawal headache and, to be honest, who really expects delicious coffee from geelong - err - i mean from a train station?

p.s. if anyone from geelong can tell me where to get a good coffee in those there parts, please let me know. really. i will travel down there just to give it a go.
p.p.s. poor old geelong. if you've driven through the main drag in recent times you'll realise it's something of a ghost town. beautiful old buildings looking all worn and ugly and cheap stores, or empty shopfronts. it's really sad. tell you what - close the horrible waurn ponds deakin campus and bring it into town. liven it up a bit. yes. that's what we should do.


  1. Sprout and the bean cafe, malop st.

  2. cool. thanks. i'll give it a go!

  3. I like the Panache creperies, though the coffees there can sometimes be underwhelming, it really depends on the person making it.
    I also like Cafe Go on Bellarine Street, which also has a cool, laidback, mismatched furniture vibe and friendly staff.
    Little Europe cafe on Ryrie St is also quite good.
    Also, Sailor's Rest on the waterfront. And there's a little cafe-stand sort of hidden on Pakington Street that has good coffee, but I don't remember the name of it, and good luck picking it out, it's seriously a blink and you miss it little place.
    Mind, I'm not very fussy about my coffee, as long it has caffeine and my taste buds are not offended I like it.

  4. i have been a frequent customer at cafe go since it opened (used to work summers in g-town) but it's really disappointed me a lot in the last two years or so, both the food and coffee. the people are just as lovely as ever though, which makes me feel guilty.

    but i haven't tried any of the other places you mention, so will give them a shot! especially interested in the blink-and-miss-it pako coffee stand!

  5. Coffee Cartel, Leather St, Breakwater. Will top your Melbourne coffee's hands down. I dare you to dispute that once you have been there.

    1. I have heard of this place! Will defo check it out.


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