Thursday, November 25, 2010

leonard cohen at hanging rock

the beautiful hanging rock

what a crowd! (i felt very young, it was like being at PFFF - excellent!)

dan sultan's sexy sultry snarl (they ought to have turned his mic up and let him sing more than five songs!)

the magnifique full moon (and fairy lights)

the wonderful man himself. he promised to give us everything he had and surely he did. he was humble and spritely and generous and magic. the best day i've had in a long time.*


-our picnic
-how quick it was to get a beer
-hanging rock itself
-leonard skipping off stage
-leonard looking so dapper
-the back-up singers, the webb sisters (especially their cartwheels and them singing if it be your will)
-suzanne, so long marianne and the future - hells, all the songs were my favourite.

*i know a lot of people had trouble getting out of the venue at the end of the night and they are very cranky now. there were fights on the train back to melbourne too, apparently. (one teenager i spoke with on monday said she was so ashamed and thought "what would leonard think of us?!") we didn't have these probs as i was with someone who had a disabled parking ticket and we were outta there in 20mins, max. i hope people still remember how amazing the show was in spite of the loooooong exit strategy.

UPDATE: so i've been observing my stats this morning (not euphemism)...dear people who are getting here via some facebook site, where are you coming from?! leave me a comment. it is tres bizarre.


  1. people a bit drunk and angry that it took so long to get out and home...just a bad scene, i think.

  2. oh gosh i wouldn't've thought that would happen :S

  3. Me either. People drink at the gigs I've been to (Pavement, Okkervil River, Wilco, and others) but people don't seem to get drunk or aggressive - everyone's pretty good humoured and walk out happy.

  4. Sounds like a legendary day. I've always wanted to go to Hanging Rock, too. Pity about the problems afterwards though.

  5. ...but then it's not that hard to get out and home (Fortitude valley in Brisbane, which by the way is notorious for being an overly drunk and bad scene)

  6. yes, it was strange. it was such a beautiful event and leonard cohen himself was just so peaceful... what a pity.

    i love hanging rock, so beautiful - the first time i went there (on a john marsden writing camp actually) we wandered about trying to be mysterious and calling out "miranda!" until we got lost and then flipped out completely.

  7. KATE.O.D. WROTE: "dear people who are getting here via some facebook site, where are you coming from?! leave me a comment. it is tres bizarre."

    Not so bizarre - the Webb Sisters themselves - on FaceBook - liked your site -!/thewebbsisters

  8. Beautiful photos! I wish I'd been there...
    But quite happy to have avoided the bun-fight getting home.
    Was Clare Bowditch fabulous?

  9. she had some cracking dance moves!

  10. Ahhh .. Dan and Clare - I am in love with Clare. Envious (not of the fighting but of the fun day!)

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