Tuesday, November 9, 2010

peripatetic at large

hannah mae is the inkling.

she is also one of my friends in real life and now she has her own blog. we were students together, studying literature and creative writing of all sorts; we parleyed francais and ordered many a drink from plush fish.

in 2005 while i was slaving over the final year of my Bachelor of fuckAll, hannah mae was ahead of us all, and logged on and tuned in. she had a blog and i didn't even know what a blog was. because i didn't read it then it's very exciting to go back and read it now, some five years later . i note with amusement that at some point in 2005 she commented that she doesn't really like coffee that much. bahaha. how times change.

she is a:

"seller of books, student of words, protector of copyright, lover of all things edible, coffee addict, peripatetic at large."

i had to look this one up: peripatetic is someone who travels around working and living in various places, an itinerant soul.

and she sends great postcards from her wayward travels:

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