Monday, December 20, 2010

coffee : new day rising

new day rising is a such cute little cafe. have been there a few times now and the coffee is excellent - and cheap.

pleasantly hipster. awesome music.

fabulous menu. please note that coffees are only $3...just $3! (add 50c for soy (grr) but they make it with bonsoy, which is delish)

lovely lovely staff in their teeny tiny space.

221d blyth st brunswick east. right at the end of the 96 tram line, near rrr.


  1. This is one of those posts that makes me feel envious - of your city and your summer. Looks lovely.

  2. you should come and visit!

    ...tho at the moment summer seems to have escaped us. quite chilly today and we even had snow up on in the snowfields. it's december, people! ye gads.

  3. I miss take away coffee.. and surly waitress.

  4. and being an anonymous commenter! Forgot I was logged in didn't I.

  5. surly waitress misses you too. well...maybe...


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