Wednesday, December 29, 2010

wishin' and hopin'

this is a persnickety snark venture and i'm just a-ridin on its coattails, cuz i quite like this idea...

5 hopes for young adult literature in 2011

1. that australian books find international homes and set a good example for us

2. that young adult authors continue to break barriers and push the boundaries and strive to represent all young people and their hopesfearswonders without discrimination.

3. that markus zusak's new book does indeed get released (have you even written it, markus m'dear? see you at reading matters!)

4. that publishers no longer need to be so set on finding the next massive series (ie. the old angelvampiredystopianmoviedealbooktour) to make way for...

5. ...slow reads, beautiful writing, complex plots, intelligent observations and stand-alone books.

*photographs from when i "cleaned" the other day. a $2 suitcase is a good bookshelf.


  1. I would LOVE more standalones. YES! It seems every time I pick up a book, I find out it is a series.

  2. too true. i do like a good series too, but sometimes it's a bit ridiculous with prequels and associated stories and blah blah blah!

  3. Have you ever read the Twilight series? It is a perfect example of everything the literary community is doing right. I also hear author/actress/singer/fashion designer Hilary Duff will be continuing her Elixir adventures with a sequel, so that should bring some excitement for 2011.

  4. OMG. not only is the duffster such an accomplished authoress - and i await elixir 2 with great impatience, she is a terrific actress. i can't stop thinking about her epic performances in gossip girl. not everyone can tv-kiss/menage a trois girl brooklyn without retching and/or scratching their own eyeballs out. i have so much respect.

  5. Oh no, still logged in... I am anonymous no more!

  6. yes. because you were so anonymous to begin with...


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