Thursday, January 20, 2011

hold me closer, necromancer

hold me closer, necromancer, lish mcbride (penguin)

i decided to read this based on it's effing awesome title. and word on the street is the sequel has an equally brilliant one, but for the life of me i can't remember what it is or whether the street i heard the word on was real or maybe a dream...


first chapter or two = kinda pathetic narrator + three oddball friends + couple of supernatural beings + suspicion that the kinda pathetic narrator isn't what he seems

sounds like any book out at the moment, yes? i wasn't holding my breath at this point. then we got a chapter from the pov of some werewolfish and other supernatural fellas and i still wasn't very excited, in fact was a bit confused. THEN THERE WAS A REANIMATED SEVERED HEAD AND IT FREAKED THE BEJEEZUS OUT OF ME. it turns out sam is much more than he thought he was (well, he thought he was just a regular college dropout who can't even do tricks on his skateboard so that wasn't hard) and accepting his new status as a necromancer (one who can summon the dead) brings him into the company of witches, were-hounds (one rather sexy one in particular) , feys, harbingers and one mega-necromancer who is not willing to share his turf.

really quite well written (though i could have done without the chapters from douglas and the were's povs, but i liked nick and sam's mum's chapters), great dialogue and characters; freaky and surprisingly heartwarming. recommended for those with strong stomachs 14+

for another, more detailed, review, try the lovely miss friday


  1. Nawww, thanks for the linkage Kate!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the book (I agree, could have done without Douglas's pov chapters) and omg, yes the severed head! I thought it was a joke at first, it was so random but I came to like it.

  2. thanks for being so enthusiastic jen! feel like reading about a severed head?

    missfriday - your review was wonderful i almost just posted here "see my girl friday" and "ditto".

    am looking forward to a sequel...

  3. oh, the sequel? apparently entitled "necromancing the stone"


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