Friday, January 21, 2011

review : mr tripp smells a rat

mr tripp smells a rat, sandy mckay and ruth paul (walker)

it's lovely to receive books to review, especially when you don't know what you're getting and it could be anything.

mr tripp (and two other stories) and the walker stories are kind of like new zealand's answer to the aussie nibble.

this one was fast-paced and fanciful and funny. top read for the first reader set.

head over to the fancy goods blog to read my review.


  1. It sounds like a cute book! My son is 8 months old, so I think he's still a bit young for it, but when he's older I might have to read it to him :) I'm really looking forward to reading him the Redwall Series. Those were my favorite growing up. Have you read them?

    This is an interesting blog, it's my first time here. What are you favorite books to read?

  2. hi! no, i never read redwall but when i was working in a boarding school in scotland the kids were absolutely nutso about them and they sound ace.

    my favourite books to read are beautifully written stories about the little oddities in life and include books like (but not limited to) secret scribbled notebooks by joanne horniman, love in a cold climate by nancy mitford, after january by nick earls and my ultimate life-long favourite: anne of green gables by lm montgomery.

    how about you?


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