Sunday, February 6, 2011

baby baby baby baby oh baby...

in honour of baby bug being born today, here are some of my favourite baby books and favourite books about babies (and also a little carpenters 'superstar' singalong):

each peach pear plum, janet and allan ahlberg

in which all your favourite nursery rhyme characters spy each other in various places and then eat plum pie at the end.

the very hungry caterpillar, eric carle

in which a brand new and very hungry caterpillar gorges himself on lots of different foods, feels sick and then eats one nice green leaf, feels better and then becomes a butterfly.

banana!, ed vere

which contains only two words: banana! and please.
to be read aloud with gusto and preferably actions too.

a bit lost, christ haughton (not technically a baby book, but a kids' book at least)
a little owl tumbles out of his nest 'uh oh!' and asks a rather dim-witted (though very helpful) rabbit to help him find his mummy.
"biscuits are our favourite!"

mahalia, joanne horniman

one of the best. matt is bringing baby mahalia up by himself after mahalia's mum emmy couldn't cope anymore and left.

i've talked about this one before, here.

dear nobody, berlie doherty

a beautiful dual-perspective novel about a young english woman whose life is turned upside down by realising she's pregnant. she writes letters "dear nobody" to her unborn baby. it's also about the baby's father, who doesn't know about the baby and who is trying to build a future for himself.

one night, margaret wild

very moving and fast-paced free verse novel. this book is about families, friendships and responsibility and the consequences of one night.
(these books are all about unexpected babies, even though baby bug was very intentional)


  1. 'Peepo!' by the Ahlbergs is one of my favourites - the illustrations show that it's set in WW 2 so obviously his childhood, and it's sad, as when the baby is kissed goodnight by his parents, the father is in uniform ... you sense how life is fragile and hopeful at the same time ... and how unaware babies are of the dangers around them

  2. Oh I was just about to add Peepo then saw Jo's post. I went through two copies with tristan. We literally read it till it fell apart! jxx

  3. Each Peach Pear Plum, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Peepo were read countless times in our house. The Baby's Catalogue was also popular, also by the Ahlbergs. Our copies are all soft and bent and well-chewed. And there was a beautiful 4 board-book set by Alison Lester -Bumping and Bouncing, Bibs and Boots, Happy and Sad, and Crashing and Splashing.

  4. i also love peepo - the ahlbergs collection is very dear to me. in fact i reckon i love the story and illustrations in peepo more than each peach, for the reasons you point out, jo. but each peach is a lot more fun to read aloud - i can't, even after years of reading it to children, get the rhythm of peepo just right.

    it's like the first two pages of the wild things..."the night max wore his wolf suit and made mischief of one kind (turn page) and another"

    yes, and fiona i know that alison lester series too - so cute!

    can't wait to read all these stories and more to baby bug.

  5. I adore Each Peach Pear Plum. It was really more my little sister's book than mine, but I seem to recall hanging around at her storytime to listen to that one. Just lovely.


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