Sunday, March 27, 2011

coffee : can't find a seat?

because there just aren't enough cafes in yarraville, here's one more. from the people who brought you cornershop - wee jeanie. just down by the train line (where there ought to be an overpass but isn't - grrr) it's not quite finished, but looking pretty gorgey already with a potentially nice courtyard and beautiful wooden furniture.

yes yes yes.


  1. Funnily enough we went to the Village today and struggled to get a table for 3! Went to 3 places before we found ourselves a perch. Hurry up Wee Jeanie.

  2. When I see pics like this I totally miss the ville. Hope I get to see Wee Jeanie in the flesh sometime soon!!

  3. They have a 'Slayer' coffee machine, one of the finest in the world. They will set you back ~$30,000,, tried them this morning...and they are AMAZING!


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