Thursday, March 3, 2011

coffee : de clieu on gertrude street

de clieu opened last year, by the people who brought us seven seeds (in carlton) and i popped in spur of the moment as i dashed out for lunch two rainy mondays ago with a broken shoe (so i actually was half-limping/half-shuffling) and spotted some nice nursing student friends of mine on their break.

the coffee was perfect and service quick.

the crockery the same as at the cornershop (so i felt at home immediately) and while the staff were grumpy and aloof (perhaps they were just looking down on my $10 broken shoe), i've kind of started to expect it...this is not a good thing, surely. but this current trend of service with a snarl is a debate for another day.

thumbs up.
187 gertrude st, fitzroy

broadsheet review here


  1. LOL Service with a snarl! of course, they are after all in Gerty Street (checky little twerps, you've gotta love 'em.) jx

  2. Don't get me started - what the f*#K are you doing in the service industry if you can't crack a smile. There is nothing cool or groovy about being a tosser.


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