Saturday, March 19, 2011

why claude, what a lovely beret!

Claude in the City, Alex T Smith* (Hodder)

Claude is a small, plump dog who wears a beret and a lovely red jumper.

He's a little bit Eloise. But a bit more canine. And instead of a Skipperdee and a Weenie he has a friend called Sir Bobblysock, who is 'both a sock and quite bobbly'.

Claude decides that today is the day to go and explore the City. Shopping (for berets), people-watching, a visit to the art gallery and oh perhaps just stopping a robbery. A visit to the hospital later in the story (poor old Sir Bobblysock doesn't feel too crash hot) gives Claude the opportunity to work on his doctoring skills and fix up some big wrestlers who have a mysterious sickness.

The black, white and red illustrations are wonderfully lively and incorporate the words right in there (and also add to the Eloiseishness), the humour is perfect for the kidlings and also for parents and aunties and nannies reading it to them. Delightfully lolish.

*I know I am going to accidentally tell customers it's written by Alex P Keaton. But he was way too conservative to write such a brilliant book all about time wasting and frivolity. Also, too fictional.

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